Learn How to Build a Big Forum Community: Advanced Tips from the Pros

do you build a really big discussion board? Let’s take a look! For
the second installment in our series of forum building articles,
we’ll dive a little deeper into best practices for expanding the
growth and reach of your forum. 

the first article “Forum
Building Tips – Part 1”,
we shared tips for forum owners still in the early stages of setting
up and launching their new discussion boards. This guide was written
as a follow up and focuses on helping forum operators build larger
communities using more advanced marketing tactics.

your forum has been officially launched and is open for discussion,
it’s time to focus on the day to day promotion and continued growth
of the community. Below are a collection of proven marketing tips
leading forum operators recommend for growing a robust discussion
community. Some suggestions will bear fruit right away, others will
take time:

employing some or all of these strategies doesn’t guarantee instant
success, not using them may hinder the growth of your discussion
community. Let’s take a look at a few additional suggestions to
promote interest in your forum:

that said, stay tuned for the next
in our series on building a successful, self sustaining forum where
we’ll present tips, tactics and strategies for moderating a
harmonious community. As a reminder, a collection of basic
suggestions for setting up and launching your forum can be found in
our previous article Forum
Building Tips – Part I.
Thanks for reading!