Why Whey Protein Is Important for Bodybuilding Success

As a serious bodybuilder you can pay full attention to your trainer’s instructions at the gym. You can also follow his diet plan, sleeping timings and other such diktats and expect the results to follow. But when you see no progress you query your trainer about it.

Your trainer may suggest you a protein supplement but you are put off because of the high price and think he might be promoting his brand. Now you want someone to guide you and tell which whey protein supplement to choose? Well, the money is yours and hence the decision is yours. But remember, it can make or break your bodybuilding dream so proceed cautiously.

Your Options: Talk to your friend, get advice from a website or decide on your own.

Your Dilemma: Is your friend knowledgeable and dependable especially when you have met him here at the gym? Or which website you look for advice as each one promotes different brands?

The Easiest Way Out to Choose the Best Protein

First you should know what is whey, in how many different types whey is marketed and which one suits your needs. Let us tell you something about whey protein.

When milk turns sour, it curdles. You can easily filter it using a strainer and the liquid you get is called whey. This liquid is evaporated and whey protein powder results which is known as Whey Protein Concentrate. Depending on the technology used this concentrate can contain up to 80% protein.

In another process, all fat, carbohydrates and lactose are removed and when this liquid is evaporated, you get Whey Protein Isolate and contains up to 90% protein.

Further when this whey protein isolate is hydrolyzed, you get another variety called Whey Protein Hydrolysate, which is a type of pre-digested whey protein and the protein content can be above 95%. Please note that this is extremely costly and does not justify the premium attached to it.

How to identify the Best Whey Protein Supplement

Pick the bottles and read the labels thoroughly. Find which protein varieties the label speaks of. In labels, the ingredient with maximum quantity is always listed on top. Look for the ingredients and it should have either of the two: whey protein isolate OR whey protein hydrolysate written on the top.

If you find whey protein hydrolysate at the top and whey protein isolate below it, note the price and pick another brand which has whey protein isolate on top. Compare the prices and you will immediately see the difference.

If you are lifting weights and feel very tired at the end, you should pick the bottle which lists whey protein isolate at the top. In every scoop you get around 90% whey protein and it will provide nutrition to your tired muscles. Also it will benefit if you have it before starting the exercise and it will help you extend your routine. This variety is best if you are allergic to milk and milk products because this protein is isolated from all other milk’s nutrients.

Which Brand to Choose

Established brands don’t come cheap and they charge heftily for their experience. New arrivals—not wanting to see lacking—jack their prices up. Note down the brands and compare their fundamentals on the internet. If a brand exists for many years, it indicates they sell well and manage to keep their presence.

Trial and Error is the Best Way Out

Use a particular brand, note down the label contents and start using it. Within a few days you would know how effective it is. Then either you can continue using the same brand or choose another. Start with small packs so that identifying the one that suits your type best is easy.

No Two Supplements are the same

Every brand has its own preferences and they formulate their supplement accordingly. Similarly you have particular needs and look to satisfy these. Depending on which bodybuilding level you are, whether you are looking for a mass gainer or muscle gainer, your priorities may change. Hence it is of utmost importance that only you decide which supplement you should purchase.

Do Some Calculations on your own

Note the price and then locate the number of scoops you get per bottle. Divide the price with number of scoops and you get price per scoop. Now see how much protein you get per scoop and you have a fair idea of how much actual nutrition your body gets.

It is a cruel world out there and everyone is looking for “soft targets” (like you) to make money from. Be wise, read well and prevent yourself from playing into others’ hands!